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Mindful Events

Autumn 2019

Reduce stress and improve your sense of wellbeing with our programme of pop-up events and workshops promoting mindfulness. Check our website for the full programme and further details.
Please note that places may be limited for all events, so early arrival is advised.


Floating Worlds, Mindful Yoga

Thursday 10 October & Thursday 12 December
11.30am & 12pm, free with admission, drop in.
Relax with a mindfully art-focussed yoga taster session. Each session is twenty minutes long. Beginner level, no equipment necessary.


Poetry reading

Thursday 24 October
1pm, free with admission, drop in.
Local poet Subhadassi recites a selection of his work. A practising Buddhist, much of his work is imbued with a light hearted but subtle spirituality. His poems are rich in imagery and draw on themes of everyday life.


Tai Chi taster sessions

Saturday 16 November, Saturday 07 December & Saturday 11 January
2pm & 3:30pm, free with admission, drop in.
Experience the gentle power of Tai Chi. These one-hour taster sessions will introduce you to this ancient art through slow movements and mindful thought. Beginner level, no equipment necessary.


Brighton Museum Free Day: the Mindful Museum

Saturday 07 December
(activities run 11am-4pm)
Relax and escape the mayhem of December with a selection of calming and reflective workshops.


Meditation for wellbeing

Thursdays 14 & 21 November
11-11:30am, free with admission, drop in.
Let go of your thoughts and boost your sense of wellbeing through these 30-minute guided meditation sessions. Beginner level, no equipment necessary.


Shodo & Shakyo: Japanese calligraphy tasters

Fridays 25 October & 29 November
Shodo: 2-3pm,
Shakyo: 3.30-4.30pm,
Free with admission, drop in.

書道 Shodo: Japanese calligraphy

Experience peace of mind whilst learning to write some Japanese characters (kanji) in Japanese calligraphy (Shodo). Instructions will be provided on how to draw the kanji with a traditional brush and ink. Beginner level, no equipment necessary.

ε†™η΅Œ Shakyo: writing the Heart Sutra

Shakyo has been done across Japan for over 1,300 years. Find a sense of peace by copying out the 262 Japanese characters of the Buddhist Heart Sutra. Beginner level, no equipment necessary.